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Courtney Cosgriff - April 2024

Image of the artist, Courtney Cosgriff, sitting in front of her loom in her studio
Courtney Cosgriff, April '24 Spotlight Artist

How and where did your art practice begin?

I started weaving in late 2018 when I saw a woven wall hanging I loved online, but couldn't afford. (I know now it was a totally reasonable price!) Once I bought my first loom, I was hooked! I do some weaving or fiber work nearly every day since then.

Where do you draw inspiration for your forms/designs?

I am so inspired by retro color palettes and designs. I love the colorful world of 60s and 70s home decor. I also draw inspiration from other fiber artists, including embroidery artists, knitters, and quilters. If color is involved, I am usually inspired to weave.

What draws you to your specific medium?

I love how sprawling the fiber world is. There are so many different fibers you can use in a piece to get your desired effect. I am also obsessed with yarn and yarn buying is a hobby in and of itself. I love the world of weaving and fiber art because I think it brings so much warmth and depth to a home. It's something you can touch and I love the depth it adds to any wall.

Who were your mentors or what resources did you use to learn your medium?

I did a lot of trial and error by myself with random Youtube videos, but I also did some beginners classes with Hello Hydrangea and Maryanne Moodie, which were endlessly helpful. I highly recommend their virtual classes because it's really nice to learn and practice at your own pace.

Where is your practice now, what is your focus, where is it growing?

My focus now is on large scale pieces. I love how dramatic they are. I hope to get a 6-7 foot loom this summer where I can really stretch out. I would love to have some of my work up in commercial spaces so I am always on the lookout for opportunities like that.

Where can people find your work? (Besides Art Hub!)

My website is and I try to be pretty current about updating it. The best place to follow me is on Instagram, @deerloom. I post new work and works in progress so it's always easiest to claim pieces there.

How do community art spaces like Art Hub enhance your ability to make, distribute, and celebrate art?

Having my work in places like Art Hub is so great! I truly love weaving and spreading the joy of fiber art and any avenue that helps facilitate that is great. It's also helpful for artists to have pieces on display because as we all know, spaces at home can get tight really quick so it's nice to have stuff out in the public eye. Seeing my work on the walls of Art Hub mixed in with all the other amazing artists makes me feel a sense of closeness to the other artists in the community even if we've never met. So grateful for communal spaces in a world where we see less and less of those.

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