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Janet Nelson, based in Cambridge, Wisconsin, found an interest in art early in life, inspired by her grandmother. Throughout her schooling she “took as many art classes as I could,” ultimately earning a degree in Liberal Arts. She describes her creations as “lighthearted,” combining traditions of Representational with Abstract Impressionism, resulting in delightfully unique animal totems. While she paints primarily in acrylic on canvas, her work is also available in prints and a variety of greeting cards. All are available for purchase at Art Hub. 

        Since joining Art Hub as a Resident Artist in May, Janet says the experience has pushed her as an artist to find new ways of approaching her painting in a busy environment. Her favorite thing about the experience is getting to interact with people while in her studio. She expressed that “as an artist you can feel somewhat isolated when painting in a studio alone. Working in my Art Hub studio strengthens my sense of being a part of a community, and I enjoy novel interactions with people I may otherwise not meet.” Janet added, “Artists looking for more opportunities to network would definitely find Art Hub a great space to build exposure.” 

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