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Art Hub Resident Studio Rental
Art Hub Resident Studio Rental, Cambridge WI
artist studio Madison WI

Who, What, Where, and how much?

Art Hub is located at 145 W. Main, Cambridge, WI.  Art Hub has two Artist Studios to rent. 

STUDIO A: $275.00 a month. Located in front of the Ceramic Studio.  SIZE: 10X12’

STUDIO B: $275.00 a month. Located directly behind the register counter. SIZE: 12x9’

What are the terms of the lease?

These studios are rented on a 3 to 6 month term. Artists who wish to continue their lease for another 3 months AND there is no waiting list, they must have in writing they would like to extend their lease 30 days before the lease agreement ends. The Studio is available at noon on the first day of the lease and needs to be moved out of and clean by noon the last day of lease. 

How Much are deposits?

DEPOSIT: $150 (will be returned when studio is left in the same condition it started)

KEY FOB DEPOSIT: $25 (returned when Key Fob is returned)

Amenities and what’s included in studio/rent:

  • 1 powerstrip and 1 electrical outlet

  • 6x8’ floor covering (use to protect floor)

  • Gas and Electricity 

  • Free Wi-fi

  • Bathroom

  • Access to a large utility sink in Classroom

  • Lounge in the basement 

  • Microwave and place to prepare food in the basement

  • Lighting 

  • Community support when wanted

  • 1 Shelf in the basement for storage

  • Hanging system in Studio B & C

What’s not included:

- Furniture is not included. 

Studio Furniture: Artists are encouraged to make the space their own and that includes bringing in furniture.  Furniture must be clean, no holes, and pre-approved before bringing in.  Shelves are encouraged to create privacy and a display area.  Art Hub also encourages a lockable cabinet to protect valuables. 

LIABILITY : Great care will be provided to ensure a clean, safe environment to the artist/tenant, however,  Art Hub accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to artwork or property belonging to


Artist/Renter  - It is the artist responsibility to carry any insurance necessary to cover any and all costs due to possible loss, damage, or theft while his or her artwork is on the premise of Art Hub.


Garbage and Recycling:  Art Hub runs a sustainable model of business to the best of their ability.  Please rinse and sort all recyclable items as well as items that can be recycled in the local alternative recycling program. Bins for these items will be located around the Art Hub.

Garbage-Gets picked up weekly EARLY Monday mornings. One Trash can is available for the entire Art Hub.

Recycling- Picked up every other Monday. Must be clean and no plastic bags. 

Security & Access:

  • There are security cameras running 24/7.

  • Door fob entrance

  • Artist/Renter is allowed 24/7 access using Classroom entrance with Key Fob



  • 24 hour Public Parking is located behind the Art Hub at the Community Library. There is a loading parking spot that is available during business hours to use to unload. 


Creative Contribution: 

  • Resident Artists are required to work 15-20 hours a week during Open Store hours. (If this is an issue please talk to Jacy about it), there is some flexibility.

  • Resident Artists are encouraged to teach a course in their emphasis.

  • Resident Artists are encouraged to attend special events at the Art Hub.

Selling Artworks:

  • All pieces available for sale need to be listed on the Artist Agreement Inventory Sheet.

  • All sales will occur at the Art Hub register counter through the POS system. 

  • See Consignment Agreement for percentage breakdown and any commission pieces that occur directly due to Art Hub.

  • Art Hub will display selected pieces for consignment in the Retail Gallery. 

  • Artists may also display artwork to sell in their studios. (providing more real estate) 

Work Health and Safety:

  • Artist/Renter will not conduct their activities in a manner that is disruptive to other artists.

  • Artist/Renter will maintain their space and conduct activities in a professional manner, sustaining and improving the reputation of Art Hub.

  • Artist/Renter must be aware and considerate of noise levels and smells.

  • Studios must be left clean and tidy

  • Artist/Renter must have proper ventilation and procedures when needed.

  • Artist/Renter must be drinking responsibly when Alcohol is available. 

  • Artist/Renter needs any equipment approved before bringing it to the studio. All equipment needs to be listed on the Equipment Inventory List at end of Lease. 

Art Hub is excited to welcome you to the community! Art Hub offers support in pricing, marketing, and will promote you on Art Hub’s website and socials.

Waitlist: Art Hub tries to maintain a variety of artists and mediums throughout the studios at all time. The waitlist isn’t always next in line, but who will fit best with their medium at that time.


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