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Katherine Simdon - March 2024

March '24 Spotlight Artist - Katherine Simdon
March '24 Spotlight Artist - Katherine Simdon

How and where did your art practice begin? 

Since I can remember, I was always creating from the craft bin my mom put together for us. There were always recycled things in there like the lids to the frozen juice cans and paper towel rolls and by the time I reached high school I really enjoyed painting in the impressionistic style. I then went to school at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana and after about 3 years I made my way back to painting. I love how much you can experiment with painting. I started to add another element with either printed or painted transparencies on the top of my paintings.

Where do you draw inspiration for your forms/designs? 

My inspiration comes from nature. I used to think that nature colors were just blues and greens but now I love finding the vibrant and neon colors within landscapes. I also draw from connection and my intuition. It usually reflects how I am feeling deep down, which is happiness, abundance, and a sense of wonder.

What resources did you use to learn your medium? 

I make sure I learn a new medium or technique every year. Whether taking a class in person or online. I usually make a vacation out of it and treat myself to more art supplies!

How do you plan your pieces and how do you decide when they’re finished?

I don't really plan too much. I listen to my intuition in the beginning - with choosing the colors and how I apply them. When I have a few colors on the paper/canvas I tend to slow down and think more about composition and contemplate where I am drawing inspiration from. The piece is finished when I feel the painting is balanced and the colors and movement feel right to me.

What draws you to your specific/preferred medium? 

I love using materials that are fluid, like acrylic inks and fluid acrylics, then I mix them with water to create an even more fluid paint.

Where is your practice now, what is your focus, where is it growing? 

My practice is whenever I get a chance during my two kids' nap times. It's only for 20 min to an hour of focused time but my focus these days is better than expected. I usually paint in my head, thinking about next steps so that when I get in the studio, I am very productive! I am also creating some products like greeting cards and sticker sheets that are keeping me busy when it’s more feasable to get on the computer.

How do community art spaces like Art Hub enhance your ability to make, distribute, and celebrate art? 

I think it’s so important for local communities to support local artists. Art Hub is a new space but the art community in Cambridge is strong with all of the pottery in the area. We just needed a physical space and thanks to Jacy for supporting the Cambridge art community. Now when people visit our cute town we have a good representation of how talented our community is.

You can check out more of Katherine's work in person at Art Hub, and on her website.

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